Professional Service & Care

We believe a house should feel like home. That’s why we are committed to providing properties that are kept in immaculate condition and shared by friendly people. We only rent to working professionals and mature students whose priority is to live in a high-quality and comfortable house with like-minded housemates.

We Offer a Zero Deposit Scheme

One of the most expensive parts of moving into any rental property is the deposit, which is why here at Johnson’s Management we offer several options to you.

Deposit Replacements

Deposit replacements are products that are designed to give you, as the tenant, more choice. Our landlords will accept a Zero Deposit Guarantee. You purchase the Zero Deposit Guarantee, which costs the same as one week’s rent, and this buys the landlord the same cover as a security deposit. If there are any deductions Zero Deposit uses TDS, one of the government-backed schemes, decides what you are responsible for. Zero Deposit then pays the landlord and you pay Zero Deposit.

Security Deposits

A traditional cash deposit costs the equivalent of [3/4/5] week’s rent. This money is held in a deposit 
scheme, so your money is protected. At the end of your rental period, the money is returned subject to any deductions you agree, or the deposit scheme provider agrees we are owed. We use Depot Protection Service, one of the government-backed schemes 

What we offer?

Fully Furnished

All rooms are fully furnished, with double beds, wardrobes and chest of drawers.

Fortnightly Cleaner

A cleaner visits fortnightly, cleaning kitchens, bathrooms and all communal areas.


Simply email a maintenance request to have our property managers organise inspection and repair.


All houses have Wifi included.


Lounge with a large flat screen TV and comfy sofa